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Lala Ragimov


My pages:

Instagram - gems

Instagram - drawings and paintings
Facebook Art page

Lala's Art Blog

My work featured online:

My intaglios featured on the Hannah Blount Jewellery page

Illustrated interview with me as gem engraver (in Russian)
on chk-jewelry.ru

GETTY BLOG featuring my work

GETTY MAGAZINE featuring my gems and drawings (PDF)

GETTY FACEBOOK featuring my drawings created after ancient bronzes

LOS ANGELES TIMES featuring me getting the last drawing in
before pandemic museum closures

Publications featuring my work:

"Artist's Block Cured", featuring Old Master copies by Lala Ragimov

"Index Funds" (fully illustrated by Lala Ragimov)

Other online features:

Bell & Bird featureing my lion intaglio

Intaglio on Meeka Jewelry page

FORBES featuring my work among other carvers

Tchaikovsky CD cover

Beethoven CD cover

Music illustrations: 123,  45

Technical art history articles and translations on the personal website and blog

* "An Introduction to the General Art of Drawing" by W. Goeree (1674, full text transcript) 

* Roger de Piles on drawing technique (my translation) 

* Jombert's drawing treatise (excerpts in my translation) 

* Preparing to draw (excerpts from treatises of 1400s-1700s) 

* Hatching and shading (excerpts from treatises of 1400s-1700s) 

* Copying a Rubens drawing - materials, techniques 

* Copying a Rubens painting - materials, techniques 

* Copying del Sarto drawings – materials, techniques 

* Rubens's palette, painting techniques, with bibliography 

* 1400s-1700s drawing treatises online - a directory