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 I have not taught group classes since the pandemic

Private classes - click "Contact" above to send me an e-mail for further information

Botanical and Zoological Illustration
at Madrona Marsh Nature Center
Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw beautiful plants and animals? Do you admire those who can draw but you haven't really tried to learn yet? Well then, this class is for you. Join Lala Ragimov and discover that you can draw and make beautiful illustrations. Basic drawing and watercolor supplies are provided. Ages 9+. Pre-registration is recommended.  To register and for more information please contact the Madrona Marsh Nature Center at 310-782-3989.

Learn to Draw and Sketch
at Torrance Cultural Arts Center
10 weeks
It's never too late to learn the basics of drawing.  In this class you will study the use of line and tone, rules of shading, and fundamentals of human proportions.  Perspective and composition will also be discussed.  Old Master drawings will be used as the main teaching aide.  Subject choices are self portraits, still lifes and landscapes.  Beginners are welcome.

Drawing and Watercolour Painting
Torrance Cultural Arts Center
8 weeks
Learn the rules of perspective, shading, and color. Draw and paint from life and learn drawing from the Old Masters. Develop your skills working with graphite and charcoal pencils, and with watercolor.

Previously taught:

Oil Painting, Baroque and Renaissance painting techniques and materials
(Torrance Cultural Arts Center, 10 week class)

Botanical and Portrait Drawing
(Torrance Cultural Arts Center, 10 week class)

Anatomy for Artists Workshop
(El Camino College, 2 day workshop;
California Institute of the Arts, 1 day workshop)

Advanced Life Drawing (as teacher intern)
(California State University Long Beach, one semester)

Oil Painting 
10 weeks
Torrance Cultural Arts Center
Learn oil painting from the Old Masters. Copy a painting or a section of a painting to strengthen your skills.  Baroque and Renaissance techniques will be discussed.  Feel free to bring your painting projects to work on in class.

Portraits in Study
10 weeks
Torrance Cultural Arts Center
Learn to draw portraits step by step. Use graphite, charcoal pencil, and the a trois crayons technique on toned paper. Renaissance and Baroque approaches to teaching drawing will be used as a model for learning.